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Heads Up Poker Strategy Explained

Hold 'em Poker players have a double entendre if their opponents are eliminated from a tournament. The first is that they want the best set possible of cards, regardless of the odds (similar to AA betting). The second is that they don’t want to be a nuisance to other players by letting them know they have better hands (this is like waiting for the right one to rise).

You should play heads-up poker more aggressively than in other games. Most of the players that know how to play heads up, sit and go poker tournaments, are not very aggressive. They understand the advantages of placing a large bet. This is because they can take down the entire pot at the same time that the blinds are rising, regardless of whether the river or flop.

These double or nothing tables are great because the player does not have to spend any of their chips. This means that if they are playing at high stakes, they can only pick up a small amount. While they may not be able win large pots every time, it is likely that you will win the most out of your hand.

A 9-10-handed table is recommended to make more of these double or nothing, sit and go poker games. You have your 9 regular players and the occasional player, who are usually very good players that want to play heads-up. A table of 9 players allows you to have all nine players. I tell everyone to just sit back and wait for a good hand, and then you will re-raise, and the good players will sort of fold until someone raises and they get a good hand. The game will resume with 9 more players.

A psychologically comparable option is to get a player with lower skill and more control over their game. You can increase your stack and win without their knowing. You might not be able to double up in a nine-player game. However, this strategy can help you get into a rhythm, increase your chances of winning their blinds, and if they are suited, by 3-4x.


I play many of the online sit-and-go tournaments at a low cost, and what catches my attention the most is the very loose games. These are the tournaments where everyone is just trying to win. These types of tournaments don't allow for "full tilt" bluffing. If you're out you're out.

However, I also love playing a game where it is more controlled, and a person can really slow the pace down and play more smoothly. The ESPN $1,500NC Hand'em Championship is my favorite. It's very tight here. And the best thing about the championship? You have to make it to that money.

Other Tips

For a small fee, residents of Nevada can receive a bonus for their deposit. You can also get a two-card Poker bonus. A thing about this, though, is you have to meet certain guidelines in selecting an online casino to gamble with. Get on it and deposit immediately to receive your bonus.

All online casinos are safe. You can place your money online in a secure manner. Check out the casino before going to it. Online casinos are often viewed as a risky proposition by some people who believe they can increase their chance of being scammed. However, online casinos are fair and managed by reputable businesses.

While nothing can replace your lucky red cent, online gambling can increase your chances to win more than you lose.
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